Rose Eclat

Who are we ?

Rose Eclat is a fruit and vegetable processing company whose core business is drying.

The company has existed since 1999 and works with more than 200 young, dynamic employees with solid experience, 90% of whom are women.

Located in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, Rose Eclat is a modern company with the idea of ​​promoting the consumption of dehydrated products for the good of all. It relies on its experience and its young and dynamic team to achieve this.

The company covers the entire value chain of the sector, from agricultural production to processing at the drying unit, including the transport of finished products to customers.

The supply of raw materials is done through a family orchard specific to the company and also with associations of small producers located throughout the country.

We promote the consumption of dehydrated products for the good of all.

of dried fruits and vegetables

of dried fruits and vegetables

Rose Eclat

Our purpose



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Our mission is to offer quality food to our customers, from the ground to the table, while allowing direct contact with producers and sharing the benefits of nature. Our products are of a quality that matches our know-how, respectful of the environment, which represents a guarantee of health for our customers.

Commitment: we are committed to meeting the expectations of consumers and distributors in terms of quality and food safety. Rose Éclat's primary responsibility is to guarantee the quality, traceability and safety of the products it sells.

Ethics: building a responsible business by placing honesty, fairness and integrity at the center of our daily actions and behaviors.

The spirit of innovation: daring to act and take risks to reconcile the challenges we face. Innovation is considered by Rose Éclat as a major axis and a real lever for growth.

Quality: Rose Éclat's ambition is to develop in a context of quality and health safety of its products.

Enthusiasm: surpassing oneself to meet daily and future challenges

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à traduire


Why the name "Rose Eclat"?

Etymologically, the ROSE is associated with tenderness and happiness.
As the expression “see life in pink” reminds us so well. Pink symbolizes ingenuity, candor, purity but also seduction and fidelity. It is a symbol of sweetness, romance and love.
We hope that these SHARDS will reach each of our customers in order to give them a taste of the sweetness of life.

Our awards

Prizes and honors

Green Africa Prize

1rst prize on quality and hygiene awarded by Afrique verte internationale (2/12/2011)

APEX price

Certificate of merit for the best exporter 2017, processed mango sector in Burkina awarded by the Promotion and Exports Agency of Burkina

Our history

Message from the CEO

Rosemonde Rita Evelyne TOURE

Graduated with a 3rd cycle in law (DEA), with more than 20 years of experience in the drying of fruits and vegetables.

Abidjan, May 10 (AIP) – When I boarded a train in 1999 with 300 kg of dried mango to participate in the second edition of the International Exhibition of Agriculture and Animal Resources of Abidjan (SAARA), I have no idea that I am starting the beginning of an inspiring story that will lead me twenty years later to this consecration: “Best exporter in the dried mango sector” of Burkina 2018.

I am Rosemonde Touré, CEO of Rose Eclat, a fruit and vegetable processing company whose core business is drying. The company is based in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso and works mainly with female staff, 200 people, 90% of whom are women.

On July 6, 2018, from the hands of the Director General of the Burkina Export Promotion Agency, I received this award, which confirms that the national authorities also take a look at the work I do with my team.
Produce a ton at the time. Today we have a capacity of more than 100 tons mainly in dried mango.

Holder of a master’s degree in international public law, I find myself starting to undertake without knowing that I could do it, by pure chance.

The encounter with the product
In the middle of summer 1989, when I was invited with my family to a little party abroad, the dried mango from Burkina Faso made its appearance. A product that immediately appealed to me much more. Like any good Burkinabè, of course I already knew and loved mangoes. However, the dried mango appeared to me as a great plus, both from the point of view of taste and for conservation, just to be able to have and eat mango in any season.

From there, the idea of ​​creating Rose Éclat was born. Many financial and organizational difficulties encountered on the way come back to me. One in particular that I can share with you: the recruitment of women. Persuading the men to allow their wives to work was not an easy task. I still have in front of me correspondence from husbands asking me either not to recruit their wives or to exclude them if they were already active.

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